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A Fans Dedication

Star Trek Voyager was the 5th incarnation of the beloved franchise of space exploration created by Gene Roddenberry. With a stellar cast and experienced writers, Paramount tried a twist on the standard formula. They stranded a ship far out in space. Seventy years from Federation space.

When Voyager was lost in the badlands pursuing a Maquis ship, the Federation did not just simply give up on Voyager. Instead, they commissioned ships to search for the ship and crew. And that's where Voyager Continues takes part of the legend.

The ship design, much different from any previous ship, the interiors and exteriors, showcased an ever-evolving style for starfleet and the technology.

Voyager Continues tries to tell the story of the Federation a year after Voyager was lost. And how they kept looking. Never willing to surrender hope of finding the Intrepid vessel.

Our first episode, RAVEN, tells the story of the newly commissioned USS Prometheus, and it's crew to the sector near the badlands. Raven is a Maquis telepath, who was created by the Maquis to fight the Cardasians, but who turns on her captors and ends up with the Prometheus crew.

Following almost any small clue, the Prometheus keeps searching.

Episode one is done, and can be watched on YouTube.

Episode two is in pre-production, and a vignette, called "Derelict" is close to filming. This short film features Harry Kim and Seven of Nine.

But we are not stopping there. There are many script ideas and story lines to follow, including the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

The fun is just getting started.

We have plenty of actors and writers. What we can always use help with is CGI and editing. If you want to become a part of our crew of semi-pros, please contact us online or at

Remember, it's the journey.