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Get your official Autographed photo of Sydney Bowii
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Voyager Continues Begins Sneaky Marketing!
Since CBS is so very very clear about how to make avoid being sued, we have decided to get funding in new creative ways!
Since the fan film guidelines makes it clear that they hate it when anyone gets paid for anything, we have printed some photos of Sydney Bowii, the star of RAVEN: Voyager Continues so she can get paid. Please support Sydney!

Voyager Continues to release script for Episode 3 before we make the film!
Secrets revealed to fans!

With a budget of around $600, and better CGI,
with most of that budget going to the CGI guy.
Derelict has the Voyager Ship along with Seven and Harry Kim.
The Zero budget fan film that just keeps humming along.
But that doesn't mean it didn't cost us a personal fortune of time and energy.
Costumes were hand-made, and volunteers did everything.

Star Trek Raven reaches 90,000 Views!
Voyager Continues Derelict Continues to Soar!